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Azadi Ke Rang Ocean Breeze Bandhani Saree


Multicolour Bandhani Saree with Madhubani Print – Azadi Ke Rang

Azadi ke Rang Red Cotton Saree

Red Bandhani Saree with Madhubani prints – Azadi ke rang

Experience the essence of freedom with our vibrant Red Bandhani Saree adorned with intricate Madhubani prints. Celebrate the spirit of independence with Azadi Ke Rang collection, showcasing traditional craftsmanship and contemporary style.


  1. Rich red color with traditional bandhani block prints.
  2. Elegant Mehandi green Madhubani prints for a unique contrast.
  3. Lightweight and comfortable fabric suitable for all-day wear.
  4. Perfect blend of traditional artistry and modern design.
  5. Ideal for celebrating cultural festivities and special occasions.


The vibrant red hue of the saree, embellished with traditional bandhani block prints, captures the essence of joy and festivity. Each intricate bandhani pattern reflects the skilled craftsmanship passed down through generations, adding a touch of heritage to your ensemble.
Whether you’re celebrating Independence Day, attending a traditional event, or simply embracing your cultural roots, our Red Bandhani Saree with Mehandi Madhubani Prints from the Azadi Ke Rang collection is the perfect choice to express your patriotic spirit and individual style.


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